Thursday, February 26, 2015


There are approximately 2,564,452 people that are out in the world geocaching. This phenomenon has only grown in the past few years with all technology becoming easier to work with.  What is geocaching? Geocaching is a world wide treasure hunt. The "treasure" is placed in areas that one can search for through GPS or smart phone. You can get the coordinates for a treasure near you by downloading the app to begin your geocaching experience. Some items are only a log book that you sign once finding it, but others will be a trinket trade. Many of the places where X marks the spot are located at truck or rest stops. What a great opportunity for all of our drivers that are constantly traveling across the US to start their own searches.

We want to know, who is geocaching already? What are your favorite finds so far? And finally, we want to see when you do find a piece as you are out and about. Send them in! Tell us your stories! Maybe we can even start putting PTL gear in places in the trinket trade. 

Of course, we would not want to have multiple drivers going out of route to find geocaching spots near them. We just want to see if while you are stopped at your particular areas on your breaks. Geocachers everywhere will be jealous of the advantage that truckers have with traveling all around the country. 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Joey Kilmartin Scholarship Win

Paschall Truck Lines very own NaviJoey was the recipient of the Truckload Carriers Association Kai Norris Scholarship.  This is can be awarded to anyone that is associated with the trucking industry. As long as the recipient is attending a four year university as a full time student, they can receive the scholarship.  This can even be awarded to children, grandchildren, or a spouse to anyone that is apart of the trucking industry.  TCA has these scholarships go out on a semester basis so do not miss your time to apply! is the link to look into applying.

To learn more on Joey's story for why he applied and his thoughts on receiving the scholarship watch this video here.

We are proud of Joey and the efforts he is taking to better himself through his education at Murray State University right here in Murray, KY where our corporate office is located. We look forward to more of the skills that he learns and beings back to Paschall Truck Lines to better the trucking industry as a whole. Congratulations, Joey Kilmartin!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

TravelCenters of America: All about the driver

Hello Drivers!

A big focus in the trucking industry today is getting our drivers involved in physical and social activities that help them get out of the cab and in a healthier state, mentally and physically. TAs across the US are pushing their motto of  "Refuel, Replenish, Refresh" by adding at least one physical activity at every location. In the past two or three years, they have continuously added activities such as indoor fitness rooms, outdoor fitness stations, walking trail maps and basketball courts to each TA or Petro station. Out of 250 locations, 191 have one or more of these activities. So many drivers get stuck in an unhealthy routine of stopping, getting something to eat and then hopping back in the truck to watch some TV prior to rolling out again. TA and Petro are trying to combat this unhealthy lifestyle by evoking some fun, camaraderie, and maybe some friendly competition by also adding "game stations" that encourage drivers to participate with other drivers in a game of horsehoe or cornhole. They want our drivers to feel at home while they're away from home by promoting comfort and relaxation at each location. While these "game stations" are not yet fully incorporated, please look for them soon at the next TA you stop in. They even have a nationwide TA/Petro location and amenities guide that tells how many parking spots are at each location, if there is a chapel or medical clinic onsite, and what STAYFIT amenities are available for each location. We hope this will help encourage drivers to pursue a healthier lifestyle outside of their truck!

For more information, please visit their website:

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Women In Trucking

**Women In Trucking**

Not only does the trucking industry have a very male dominated culture, we
haven’t always reached out to women to invite them to join us. Women In
Trucking addresses obstacles to encourage women to enter careers in the trucking
industry and works towards changing the image of truck driving. We would like to
encourage all Paschall Truck Lines employees, drivers and office staff, to become
a member of Women In Trucking!

How can you become more involved in Women In Trucking Association? Contact
the PTL Murray Recruiting department for more information! 1-800-225-7120 opt. 8 and then opt. 6.

To read more on everything Women In Trucking. Follow this link

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”)


Note: The below questions and answers are not meant to replace any legal document, such as your Summary Plan Description (SPD) as a legal description of the Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (hereinafter referred to as the ESOP).  Please consult your SPD for more detailed information concerning the ESOP.  If you do not see your question listed below, you may submit a question to the administrator for additional help.

1.       What is PTL’s ESOP? Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a company retirement benefit.  It hold company stock and provides you with benefits when you retire or leave the company.  By law, the ESOP invests primarily in PTL’s stock.

2.       Why did PTL create an ESOP? For four important reasons:

a.       To share long-term success among all employees.

b.      To maintain our independence and local ownership.

c.       To secure the company’s future.

d.      To provide employees with a new retirement benefit.

3.       How do I join the ESOP? New employees must be at least twenty-one years old and work for PTL for one year (working at least 1,000 hours during that year).  Once they meet those criteria, they join the plan on the next January 1 or July 1.  Once you enter the ESOP, you’ll begin accumulating PTL shares in your ESOP account.

4.       What is in my ESOP account? As an ESOP participant, you may receive a stock or cash allocation each year.  To receive an allocation you must work 1,000 hours during the plan year and be an active employee on December 31.  However, the hours and last-day requirements do not apply if you terminate employment due to death, disability, or retirement. Your ESOP statement shows the shares or cash you received, what the shares are worth, your total account value and your current vesting percentage.  While our goal is to make an annual ESOP contribution, please remember that company ESOP contributions are based on business performance and not guaranteed.

5.       How often will I receive an ESOP statement? You’ll receive it once a year.

6.       Do I have to pay anything for the ESOP benefit?  No, PTL pus the stock or cash in your ESOP account.  Your ESOP benefit is completely funded by the company.  It cost you nothing.

7.       Can I borrow from my ESOP account? No, you cannot borrow from your ESOP account.

8.       How does vesting affect my account?  Vesting is ownership of your ESOP account.  Being fully vested (100%) means the value of your ESOP account is completely yours if you leave the company.  You become vested over a five-year period.  Once you become fully vested (100%), you will always remain 100% vested.

9.       Who oversees the PTL ESOP retirement plan? The company’s Board of Directors appointed First Banker’s Trust as our ESOP trustee.  As trustee, First Bankers Trust oversees the ESOP plan’s operations, acting in employees’ best interests as plan participants.

10.   Are we traded on the public stock markets now? No, we are still a privately held company.  PTL is not traded on any public stock market, like the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ.

11.   How do they determine what our stock is worth? The ESOP trustee hires a third-party appraiser to determine the value of our stock.  The appraiser, by law, must be independent and qualified.  To determine the annual stock value, the appraiser looks at a number of factors, the most important thing being PTL’s business performance.

12.   Who is our appraiser? First Bankers Trust selected Prairie Capital Advisors as our independent, third-party appraiser.  Prairie Capital principals are experienced professionals who have completed more than 500 ESOP appraisals.

13.   How often does the appraiser value our stock? PTL stock is valued once a year.

14.   When do I get my ESOP money?  You’ll begin receiving the value of your account the year after you retire (normal retirement is at age 65).  Leaving for another reason is treated differently than retirement.  Receiving the value of your ESOP account is called distribution.

15.   Does the ESOP have early retirement? No, there is no early retirement age for our ESOP.

16.   What happens if I die? Your ESOP account becomes fully vested (regardless of your years of service) and your beneficiary receives the value of your account.

17.   Is my spouse automatically my beneficiary? Yes, unless both you and your spouse agree in writing to another beneficiary.  Please fill out a new beneficiary from for your ESOP account and update it when your life circumstances change.

18.   Can I lose my ESOP account? If you leave the company before becoming fully vested (100%), you will lose (forfeit) any unvested stock and cash held in your account.  All forfeitures are reallocated within the ESOP trust to employees who stay with PTL.

19.   Does ESOP ownership change company operations? No.  Management still is responsible for running the company and setting our future direction and growth strategy.  Supervisors are still responsible for leading employees.  And all employees are still responsible for serving customers, producing quality products, and growing our business.

20.   How many ESOPs are there in America? There are about 8,000 ESOPs in America.  What that means is our ESOP plan provides us with a unique opportunity, one most people don’t receive.  Let’s make the most of it!

21.   Now that we have an ESOP, do I need to stay in the 401(k)? Absolutely! The 401(l) is an important part of your retirement planning.  The ESOP is an additional retirement benefit.  It is not a replacement for your 401(k) account.


The URL TO access ESOPConnection is:


Initially, you will log in with your first name, last name, and then your Social Security Number (SSN) as the password.  You will then be prompted to change your password for security purposes.  You will be prompted to consent to Electronic Distribution of documents. 

Once logged in, you will see 7 blue tabs, labeled: Home, Your ESOP Account, About You, CEO’s Corner, Plan Documents, FAQs, ad Logout.

1.       Home – From the home page you can view at a glance your account balance, and access your certificate on the file for the latest plan year.  You will also be able to click on Links to access the following information.

2.       Your ESOP Account – On this tab, you can view your statement information and access your certificate in PDF format.

3.       About You – On this tab, you can view your personal information and make changes as necessary.  You can also fill out and submit your Beneficiary Form.  This tab is where you will edit your email address, home address, and password to the site.

4.       CEO’s Corner – On this tab, you will read a personal letter from your CEO, as well as see the history of your company’s stock performance, if applicable.  You will also find ESOP learning tools here, such as an ESOP quiz and a crossword puzzle.

5.       Plan Documents – On this tab, you can access your Summary Plan Description, Summary of Annual Reports, and other documents your company may post here.  You can also submit any questions you may have.

6.       FAQs – On this tab, you have access to your Frequently Asked Questions and Key Provisions of the ESOP.

7.       Logout – to end your session, please clock on this tab.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Apps Make Life Easier

Very few people are without smart phones these days.  With that, app makers are working on things to make those in the trucking industry lives easier.  Paschall Truck Lines has really started to promote Transflo Mobile.  This app allows your to take pictures of paperwork like BOL's, scale tickets, and lumper receipts right from your smart phone and submits them directly to our transflo system.  This saves you time and money going into rest stops to submit paperwork.  As long as you keep these steps in mind, you will have great pictures through Transflo Mobile.
1. Document is on flat, dark, non-glare surface
2. Take picture in a well lit environment
3. If the document is on glossy paper, turn off the flash
4. Hold phone 14in away to fill the entire screen with the document
5. Picture focus is required. Tap the screen to trigger the auto-focus feature
6. If you are in cab, turn off engine to eliminate vibrations

More apps have come about that help on a day to day basis for truck drivers. These are apps that we think are not only the best for all drivers, but specifically Paschall Truck Lines drivers.  Check them out, they are all free!!

TRUCKER PATH- Lists weigh stations and truck stops in any specific area. in addition, it will list open and closed weigh stations and information/reviews on truck stops, restaurants, weather conditions, truck wash locations, fuel prices, parking spaces as well as driving directions.

TRUCK SMART-Access your Ultraone account, enter the shower queue without going to the kiosk, get directions, view shower availability, see amenities like restaurants and other fast food options, check specials and promotions. You can also use their "Plan2Park" section to see their parking availability.

PILOT FLYING J- Get a bird's eye view of the Pilot Flying J locations in your area. Use the Trip Planner to see them from point A to point B.  All the information you need at your fingertips, including customer service, social media, setting, and more!

LOVE'S- Keep up with your rewards, check for a store near you, check specials and promotions and more!

All of these are available to be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play.  If you have questions about any of these apps, you can call our Business Improvement Department at 270-753-1717 ext. 330

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Driver Of The Month: Clyde Johnson 16415

"Clyde is one of our more successful drivers and is a trainer on this fleet. He does an outstanding job as a driver and as a trainer as well.  I know that when he is done with his trainee, we can look forward and know that his students will get of his truck with more than just a handful of knowledge on what they will need to succeed as an OTR driver.  He goes above and beyond what his job calls for.  One of the things that I found out is that Clyde will stock up his truck with foods, snacks, and drinks while waiting in Murray, KY for a new trainee.  I asked Clyde about this and he said it was a way for him to kind of take the pressure off the trainee on food expenses while they train so they can be more focused on learning what he had to teach them.  I'm certain that it's appreciated by all the trainees who have had the opportunity to learn from him.  On a different note, I just learned that he became reunited with a daughter that he had not met or seen in 20 years! Great job Clyde on being selected Drive of the month!" -Oscar Reyes

"Clyde is one of my best trainers.  He has trained over 40 people so far.  He also had the 4th highest amount of miles for 2014 with 166,753.  I really hope he retires with us." -Kevin Fox

"Clyde Johnson is a veteran trainer here at PTL. Clyde always comes in the office with a smile on his face and eager to work! He is willing to help anyone out, especially all the new drivers we have coming through.  Clyde is a true representation of what PTL is truly all about." -Spencer Baldwin
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