Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Line 5 Driving

When Can Driving Time Be Considered Off-Duty Time?

Under normal circumstances, all time spent at the controls operating a commercial motor

vehicle must be logged as driving time. But what happens if a driver is using his or her

commercial motor vehicle as a personal vehicle to drive to or from a personal

destination? The concept of “off-duty driving time” is not actually in the regulations;

however, it is discussed in great detail in the interpretation to Part 395. Interpretations

are the guidelines published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

(FMCSA) to provide a better understanding of the rules.

To be able to log personal conveyance time as off duty (Line 5 on ELOGS), there are

several conditions that must be met. The guidelines are the same for Company Drivers

and Owner Operators.

First, the driver must be relieved of all responsibilities and conduct no on-duty activities.

No work for the company is allowed when using Line 5 (Off-Duty Driving). For

example, the driver cannot take the truck to a shop for repairs and use Line 5.

Second, the trip and destination must be purely personal in nature, Moving to pickup

your next load, going to a terminal or drop-lot, or going to get fuel are all work related

and cannot be done using Line 5 time. A driver can bobtail from the drop-lot to a

restaurant to eat and back on Line 5, as long as he or she is not under a dispatch.

Third, the vehicle must not be “laden”. In other words, you cannot be pulling a trailer.

Fourth, you must not be “repositioning” the equipment. If your Fleet Manager lets you

bob-tail home you can use Line 5. But when you get ready to leave home if you are sent

to get an empty trailer to use for your next load, then you cannot use Line 5.

Fifth, if you have been place out of service for an hours-of- service violation. You cannot

move the vehicle until you are put back in service.

Finally, Line 5 driving distance needs to be “reasonable”. You are not allowed to travel

several hundred miles on Line 5. But you can bob-tail to the closest truck stop to eat and

do laundry. As a guideline we use 30 minutes, if you can bob-tail to a truck stop or

restaurant in 30 minutes and then get back in 30 minutes, we consider that reasonable.

If you have additional questions please contact the Driver Services Department and ask

for the Log Staff.

Mike Alexander

Director of Driver Services

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Friday, May 6, 2016

International Roadcheck June 7-9

International Roadcheck 2016 will take place on June 7-9, 2016
International Roadcheck, in its 29th year in 2016, is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with nearly 17 trucks or buses inspected, on average, every minute across North America during a 72-hour period. Each year, approximately 10,000 CVSA-certified local, state, provincial and federal inspectors in every jurisdiction across North America perform the truck and bus inspections. International Roadcheck 2016 will take place June 7-9, 2016.
International Roadcheck is an annual three-day event when CVSA-certified inspectors conduct compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives targeted at various elements of motor carrier, vehicle, driver and cargo safety and security.
Since its inception in 1988, roadside inspections conducted during Roadcheck have numbered over 1.4 million, resulting in more than 318 lives saved and 5,840 injuries avoided. It also provides an opportunity to educate industry and the general public about the importance of safe commercial vehicle operations and the roadside inspection program.
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) sponsors International Roadcheck with participation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico).
In The Inspector’s Seat
The Point of the
North American Standard Level I Inspection Procedure
From a commercial vehicle safety inspector’s perspective, the point of the NAS inspection is to ensure both your safety and those of others traveling on the highways.
The costs associated with being put out of service are insignificant when compared to the costs of crashes with innocent people. Be proactive and inspect your vehicle thoroughly before you take your next trip. The keys are in your hand.
If you are put out of service, it will cost you $861 on average — which does not include the costs of fines or repairs as a result of the inspection.
What INSPECTORS Are Looking For
Check for missing, non-functioning, loose, contaminated or cracked parts on the brake system; Check for “S” cam flip-over; Be alert for audible air leaks around brake components and lines; Check that the slack adjusters are the same length (from center of “S” cam to center of clevis pin), and that the air chambers on each axle are the same size. Check brake adjustment; Ensure the air system maintains air pressure between 90 and 100 psi; Measure pushrod travel; Inspect required brake system warning devices, such as ABS malfunction lamps and low air pressure warning devices; Inspect tractor protection system, including the bleedback system on the trailer.
Safety Devices-Full Trailers/Converter Dolly(s): Check the safety devices (chains/wire rope) for sufficient number, missing components, improper repairs, and devices that are incapable of secure attachment. On the Lower Fifth Wheel check for unsecured mounting to the frame or any missing or damaged parts; or any visible space between the upper and lower fifth wheel plates. Verify that the locking jaws are around the shank and not the head of the kingpin and that the release lever is seated properly and that the safety latch is engaged. Check the Upper Fifth Wheel for any damage to the weight bearing plate (and its supports) such as cracks, loose or missing bolts on the trailer. On the Sliding Fifth Wheel check for proper engagement of locking mechanism (teeth fully engaged on rail); also check for worn or missing parts, ensure that the position does not allow the tractor frame rails to contact the landing gear during turns. Check for damaged or missing fore and aft stops.
Check your fuel tanks for the following conditions: Loose mounting, leaks, or other conditions; loose or missing caps; and signs of leaking fuel below the tanks. For exhaust systems, check the following: Unsecured mounting; leaks beneath the cab; exhaust system components in contact with electrical wiring or brake lines and hoses; and excessive carbon deposits around seams and clamps.
Inspect for corrosion fatigue, cross member(s) cracked, loose or missing, cracks in frame, missing or defective body parts. Look at the condition of the hoses, check suspension of air hoses of vehicle with sliding tandems. On the frame and frame assembly check for cracks, bends, sagging, loose fasteners or any defect that may lead to the collapse of the frame; corrosion, fatigue, cross members cracked or missing, cracks in frame, missing or defective body parts. Inspect all axle(s). Inspect for non-manufactured holes (i.e. rust holes, holes created by rubbing or friction, etc.), for broken springs in the spring brake housing section of the parking brake. For vans and open-top trailer bodies, look at the upper rail and check roof bows and side posts for buckling, cracks, or ineffective fasteners. On the lower rail, check for breaks accompanied by sagging floor, rail, or cross members; or broken with loose or missing fasteners at side post adjacent to the crack.
Inspect all required lamps for proper color, operation, mounting and visibility.
Make sure you are carrying a safe load. Check tail board security. Verify end gates are secured in stake pockets. Check both sides of the trailer to ensure cargo is protected from shifting or falling. Verify that rear doors are securely closed. Where load is visible, check for proper blocking and bracing. It may be necessary to examine inside of trailer to assure that large objects are properly secured. Check cargo securement devices for proper number, size and condition. Check tie down anchor points for deformation and cracking.
Check the steering lash by first turning the steering wheel in one direction until the tires begin to pivot. Then, place a mark on the steering wheel at a fixed reference point and then turn the wheel in the opposite direction until the tires again start to move. Mark the steering wheel at the same fixed reference point and measure the distance between the two marks. The amount of allowable lash varies with the diameter of the steering wheel.
Inspect the suspension for: Indications of misaligned, shifted, cracked or missing springs; loosened shackles; missing bolts; unsecured spring hangars; and cracked or loose U-bolts. Also, check any unsecured axle positioning parts and for signs of axle misalignment. On the front axle, check for cracks, welds and obvious misalignment.
Check tires for proper inflation, cuts and bulges, regrooved tires on steering axle, tread wear and major tread groove depth. Inspect sidewalls for defects, improper repairs, exposed fabric or cord, contact with any part of the vehicle, and tire markings excluding it from use on a steering axle. Inspect wheels and rims for cracks, unseated locking rings, and broken or missing lugs, studs or clamps. Also check for rims that are cracked or bent, have loose of damaged lug nuts and elongated stud holes, have cracks across spokes or in the web area, and have evidence of slippage in the clamp areas. Check the hubs for lubricant leaks, missing caps or plugs, misalignment and positioning, and damaged, worn or missing parts.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring Open House 2016

Back in the fall, Paschall Logistics hosted their first open house. They invited  current students and former students from the Murray State University Career Fair. This spring, they had the pleasure of hosting another open house to talk about everything that Paschall Truck Lines, and Paschall Logistics can offer graduates. Attendees had a tour of the Paschall Logistics office, heard testimonies from current PTL employees that are Murray State grads, and heard the ins and outs of the trucking business from Executive VP, Tom Stephens. We hope they learned all of the amazing opportunities that can come from joining the trucking industry.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Paschall Truck Lines Quarter One Fuel Bonus Recipients

A huge THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS to the following Paschall Truck Lines Employee Owners for qualifying and earning fuel bonus pay for 2016 Quarter 1.
Elton Davy 8.05
William Hargrove 7.94
Stephen Logsdon 7.73
Kyle Long 7.73
Terry Charles 7.72
Douglas Ham 7.69
Napoleon Kelly 7.68
Vicki Lockhart 7.68
Cynthia Beasley 7.67
John Beasley 7.67
Jeffrey Letterlough 7.67
Jeremy Mitchell 7.67
Terence Haynes 7.66
Brian Dodson 7.65
Joshua Moss 7.63
William Ford 7.62
David Cummings 7.61
Donyale Jackson 7.61
Erik Mitchell 7.61
Allen Parker 7.61
Rodriguez Emory 7.58
Clyde Johnson 7.58
Aubrey McKinnie 7.57
Irvin Cady 7.56
Gary Lawson 7.55
Erinn Moore  7.55
Perry Ross 7.54
India Clay 7.53
Darrell Hill 7.53
Terry Kersey 7.53
Martin Tolver 7.52
Douglas Washington 7.49
Douglas Apato 7.48
Clinton Hurley 7.48
Charles Nicol 7.47
Mohammed Talawally 7.47
Matthew Caldwell 7.46
Marcus Campbell 7.46
Paul Franklin 7.44
Carl Flournoy 7.43
Tyrin Jackson 7.43
Charles Zeigler 7.43
Marty Pyle 7.42
Antonio Dickey 7.41
Damon Hosley 7.41
CJ Carter 7.4
Matthew Sheldon 7.4
Steven Watwood 7.4
Hope Cooper 7.39
Shandell Cooper 7.39
Darryl Cotton 7.39
Kirk Jaster 7.38
James Sherrard 7.38
Brandon Markham 7.37
Kenneth Maxwell 7.37
Robert Dysarczyk 7.36
Allen Evans 7.36
Joshua Sipes 7.36
William Steffey 7.36
Michael Butler 7.35
James Chastain 7.34
Jeffrey Wilkins 7.34
Joseph Bartlett 7.32
Pink Chambers 7.32
Achsah Cole 7.32
Keith Cole 7.32
Andrew Gerben 7.32
Timothy Hardy 7.32
Tony Raby 7.32
Cory Livingston 7.3
Dale Longyhore 7.3
Gregory Perry 7.3
David Pyszka 7.3
Darwin Becker 7.29
Andrew King 7.29
Richard Mondl 7.29
Michael Rowe 7.29
Byron Stallings 7.29
Boyington Togba 7.29
Joseph Wilkins 7.28
Angela Wood 7.28
Michael Powell 7.27
Thomas Kopriva 7.26
Robert Pinkelton 7.26
James Phillips 7.25
Rasaan Wiley 7.25
Justin Wyman 7.25
Michael Braswell 7.24
Barry Graham 7.24
Jeffery Mccurdy 7.24
Mitchell Parker 7.24
Michael Calhoun 7.23
Jesus Echeverria 7.23
Ernest Reasons 7.23
Alan Sherman 7.23
Nathaniel Waiters 7.23
Roy Loper 7.22
Timothy McCarthy 7.22
Leslie Tyson 7.22
Melvin Fortner 7.21
Kenneth Hillsman 7.21
James McCoy 7.21
Barbara Lapoint 7.2
William Lapoint 7.2
Muhammad Rufai 7.2
Christopher Barbour 7.19
Dennis Green 7.19
Jose Jimenez 7.19
Howard McPhee 7.19
Michael Tinsley 7.19
Juan Castro 7.18
Jeffery Ingram 7.18
Alan Robinson 7.18
Douglas Armel 7.17
Rebecca Hyatt 7.17
Mikel Parker 7.17
Christopher Peck 7.17
Scott Schmucker 7.17
Steven Avery 7.16
James England 7.16
Dana James 7.16
Tyrone Merritt 7.16
Robert Small 7.16
Rashaud Wright 7.16
Stephen Blackwell 7.15
Darnell Green 7.15
Johnny Harp 7.15
Anthony Josie 7.15
Bernhardt Bennette 7.14
Joseph Masten  7.14
Tracy Tiegen 7.14
Clarence Hall 7.13
Stephen Saenz 7.13
Mark Swindle 7.13
Brian Baker 7.12
Alex Hartke 7.12
Tommie Jackson 7.12
Cedric Lewis 7.12
Jeffrey Rose 7.12
Regeil Staples 7.12
Rex Bradley  7.11
Robert Ohara 7.11
Anthony Conder 7.1
Raymond Coburn 7.1
Matthew Dibble 7.1
John Anselmo 7.09
Derrick Jennings 7.09
Jerry Wingate 7.09
Gregory Worthington 7.09
Joseph Matthews 7.08
Randall Scharmen 7.08
Joseph Spivey 7.08
Darrell Webb 7.08
Brian Hayes 7.07
Richard Hines 7.07
Mikey Keyse 7.07
Gareth Walker 7.07
Dolline Banks 7.06
Kian jones 7.06
Guadalupe Macias 7.06
David McCoy 7.06
Raymond Monteiro 7.06
Norman Patterson 7.06
Walter Adkins 7.05
Kenneth Clark 7.05
Timothy Harrell 7.05
Kenneth Morris 7.05
Henry Payton 7.05
Richard Dunn 7.04
Michael Hearring 7.04
Charles Oblisk 7.04
Qwytina Tomlin 7.04
Brooks Ward 7.04
Akeam Beach  7.03
Marvin Christian 7.03
Robert Davis 7.03
Jeffrey Deneweth 7.03
Michael Fuller 7.03
Brandon Golden 7.03
Joe Hall 7.03
Edward Morales 7.03
Matthew Reynolds 7.03
Bret Rhind 7.03
Alfredo Alves 7.02
Ordie Conrad 7.02
Vicki Dozier 7.02
Bruce Shelby 7.02
Larry Halliburton 7.01
Cleveland Jordan 7.01
Charles Smith 7.01
Gordon Fraser 7
Connie Hamilton 7
Richard McElyea 7
Mureia Napoleon 7
Benjamin Parker 7
Michael Waters 7
Sam Echols 6.98
Donald Fitzgerald 6.98
Reginal Thomas 6.98
Larry Churchman 6.97
Edwin Otero-Cruz 6.97
Manuel Smith  6.95
Santiago Trevino 6.95
Larry Harvell 6.94
Nicholas Hite 6.94
Charles Hunt 6.94
Mame Thiam 6.94
David Wright 6.94
Anthony Nealy 6.93
Jamaar Smith 6.93
Robert White 6.93
Harold Griffin 6.92
Valdez Stewart 6.92
Ron Crawford 6.91
Charles Farrington 6.91
Bennie Fitch 6.91
Luther Guise 6.91
David Mass 6.91
Joel Wattley 6.91
Rick Starks 6.9
Matthew Huston 6.89
James Reidling 6.89
James Cross 6.88
Randy Dill 6.88
Keean Henson 6.88
Peter Muncie 6.88
Charles Hall 6.86
Tony Huffman 6.86
Alfrederic McGrue 6.86
Ronald Shearn 6.86
Henderson Butler 6.84
Virginia Houchins 6.84
Anthony King 6.84
Brian Stone 6.84
James McAllister 6.83
Suarawo Amuda 6.82
William Berry 6.82
Vera Wilson 6.82
Jerry Bassett 6.81
Theangelo Hampton 6.81
Ronald Jones 6.81
Lionell Logan 6.81
Delexander McDowell 6.81
Gary Warren 6.8
Douglas Fisher 6.79
Jeroderick Lawson 6.79
Billy Butler 6.78
Juan Delosreyes 6.78
Corey Parks 6.78
Adell Pollard 6.78
Steven Welch 6.78
Allan Brindley 6.76
Mario Johnson  6.76
Kimberly Stacy 6.76
Alejandro Garcia 6.75
Chad Jones 6.75
Ronald Sollars 6.75
Whitney Magee 6.74
Jeremy McCollum 6.74
Allen Cox 6.72
Maria Turner 6.72
Scotty Crider 6.71
Philip Stokes 6.71
Darrell Kirkland 6.7
Kenneth Rhyne 6.69
Derrick Berry 6.68
Jerod Odom 6.68
Glenda Willis 6.68
Christopher Maness 6.67
Kenneth Bradstock 6.65
Joshua Bernard 6.64
Walter Cayton 6.63
Lowell Jackson 6.63
Foday MacBailey 6.63
Michael Dandridge 6.62
Okey Delaney 6.62
Denerius Looney 6.62
Albert Collier  6.61
Gerald Porschakin 6.61
Karl Potter 6.61
Lavondrell Hicks 6.6
Jackie Shockley 6.6
Yevstakhiy Syvyk 6.59
Robert Gumtow 6.58
Christian Johnson 6.58
Timothy Ware 6.57
Dennis Johnson 6.56
Jason Miller 6.56
Loyd Reynolds 6.56
Jeremy Anders 6.55
Russell Elliott 6.55
Todd Gambino 6.54
Estella Robinson 6.54
Kenneth Enstrom 6.53
Elaine Shuford 6.53
Samuel Drury 6.52
Timothy Jones 6.51
James Dunn 6.5
Kenneth Roberts 6.5
Daniel Moy 6.49
Norris Smith 6.49
Garry Butts 6.47
Floyd Wallin 6.46
Teven Brown 6.42
Jackie Covey 6.42
Timothy Bradley 6.41
Aubrey Hayden 6.39
Marvin Black  6.36
Joshua Darbon 6.36
Jeffery Escamilla  6.36
Mark Wrhel 6.36
Cory Blansett 6.35
Louis Davis  6.35
Jay Baricevac 6.34
Larry Moore 6.34
Scott Broxton 6.33
Harold Downing 6.33
Derrick Cole 6.32
Timothy Walker 6.32
Rhonda Gates 6.31
Andreco Reid 6.31
Alfred Dalcour 6.3
David Thompson 6.3
Tremell Murphy 6.29
Xavier Fuentes 6.28
Umar Rogers 6.26
Michael Scales 6.26
Michael Taylor 6.26
Charles Widuch 6.24
Randall Cheatwood 6.23
Joseph Grissom 6.23
Roderick Shivers 6.22
Christopher Steele 6.22
Raymond Thomas 6.22
Kari Wentz 6.22
Thomas Wimberly 6.2
William McCreary 6.19
Emmitt Reeves 6.18
Joebob Sparlin 6.18
Dequan Anthony 6.17
Marvin Reynolds 6.17
Donald ORyall 6.16
Ralph Flores 6.15
Ron Sanders 6.14
Walter Costilow 6.13
Timothy Wilson 6.13
Rogelio Cabrera 6.12
Duane Conrad 6.12
Dalton Johnson 6.11
John Anderson 6.1
Ricky Lewis  6.1
Daniel Sanders 6.09
Dennis Bailey 6.08
Robert Hammond 6.08
Gregory Knowles 6.08
Souleymane Zoungrana 6.08
Michael Lawrence 6.07
Larry Cary 6.06
Jeffery Lemaire 6.05
Patrick Smith 6.05
Dan Matthews 6.02
Dennis Oltesvig 6.02
Autumn Patterson 6.02
Claude Philibert  6.01