Wednesday, November 29, 2017

PTL New Pay Package Details


Every trucking company is only as good as the men and women who pilot its trucks day and night across the country.  The past few years have been challenging for most carriers as customers have been reluctant to grant rate increases.   We are making the case to our customers that we deserve a pay raise and that we will be granted higher rates in 2018. In anticipation of our success on that front, we are pleased to announce that PTL is ringing in the New Year with increased pay for our company drivers and independent contractors.  The pay changes described below are intended to accomplish the following goals:

• Insure that all drivers in good standing receive regular and consistent pay increases as they maintain tenure with the company.
• Build a graduated pay increase program for our new hires throughtheir first full year of employment with the company.
• Increase our Team Fleet compensation and provide additional pay for high performance mileage weeks.
• See that every driver that delivers on-time service in a safe manner without DOT violations is eligible for an additional quarterly bonus.
• Introduce the Premier Fleet which provides an even higher rate of compensation to those eligible drivers that have demonstrated consistently high levels of service and safety over a year or more of uninterrupted service to the company.  
• Premier Plus fleet will provide an even higher base rate of pay for those drivers with three plus years of service
• Increase our pay to Independent Contractors that are mileage based so that they benefit as well as we plan to raise customer rates   
• A graduated Fuel Surcharge Scale based upon the weekly IEA index to assure mileage based contractors received increased fuel pay if fuel increases   

Fleet Managers will be communicating directly with their assigned drivers to confirm your new pay rates. 
The following pay package changes are effective beginning December 22nd, 2017.  

All 1st Seat drivers will now receive a ½ cent per mile raise for every 60,000 single equivalent miles ran.  Two miles run as a team equals a single equivalent mile.  

The new pay scale for 1st Seat drivers is outlined in the Pay Rate Table Below:

Pay Rate Table
New Rate
1st Seat Trn  4-6 Months Seniority
1st Seat Trn  6-9 Months Seniority
1st Seat Trn  9-12 Months Seniority
1st Seat Trn  12 Months Seniority
1st Seat > 1YEAR Seniority
1st Seat (Premier Fleet) >1 YEAR Seniority
1st Seat (Premier + Fleet) > 3 YEAR Seniority

*1st Seat Trn refers to any student that has graduated from our training program and is now a first seat driver; Seniority is determined from hire date.

As seen in the above Pay Rate Table, we now have a higher per mile rate available to the safest and most efficient drivers in our fleet- The Premier Fleet.  Qualifications for Premier classification are as follows:
• No accidents > $1,000 in the past year
• No moving violations (speeding, failure to obey traffic signal, seat belt, etc.) in the past year
• No more than 3 chargeable service failures in the past year
• Must have ran at least 24,000 in the most recent quarter
➢ Evaluation period for Premier Fleet is 1 year.
➢ Eligibility reviews will be conducted every 6 months, beginning with your anniversary date. 
All 1st Seat Teams will now have a starting base rate of $.21/mile. In addition to the mileage rate, all 1st Seat teams are also eligible for at $.02/mile bonus on all paid team miles above 4,000 in a weekly period.

Team Pay Rate
1st Seat Teams
Bonus on Miles > 4,000/week

All company drivers are eligible for a $.02/mile Quarterly Performance bonus. Qualifications for the Performance Bonus are as follows in the quarter: 
• No preventable accidents
• No moving violations (speeding, failure to obey traffic signal, seat belt, etc.)
• No chargeable service failures
• Must have at least 24,000 paid single equivalent miles
➢ This bonus replaces the current fuel bonus.
➢ Bonus will be paid no later than the 3rd Friday of the month following the end of the quarter. 
The following pay packages are effective for miles beginning December 19th, 2017.

The mileage base rate for Owner Operators will now increase to $.96/mile.  The fuel surcharge will remain at a minimum of $.23/mile and will adjust $.01/mile based upon any $.06 incremental increase to the National DOE average after December 18th, 2017. For example:

Base Rate
DOE Nat'l Avg
$2.96 *
$3.02 *
$2.90 *

*The DOE Nat’l Avg numbers are for example purposes only and are not intended to reflect actual DOE National Averages on those specified dates.

The percentage base rate will remain 70% of line haul and fuel.  However, we are taking rate increases throughout our customer base, which should reflect in your gross pay in the future.  
Also, during the first week of any quarter, you may choose to switch your contract from percentage based to mileage based.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Winter Weather and Collision Mitigation Systems

Some drivers have asked questions about driving on snow and ice with the collision mitigation safety systems installed on our new trucks. Here are tips offered by the manufacturer of the systems:

 *        Inspect the radar - visually inspect the radar and mounting brackets (mounted in the front bumper) and remove any mud snow or ice build-up or other obstruction. Large build ups of snow and ice can cause the system to fault out and the drive will lose adaptive cruise control. The radar surface should always be checked during inclement weather.

 *        Inclement weather/low visibility - Do not use the cruise control in rain, snow, smoke, fog, ice or other severe weather conditions. Adverse weather can affect the performance of the collision mitigation system.

 *        Under the conditions described above, drivers should leave more space between their tractor and the forward vehicle. This is a standard safety practice with or without collision mitigation systems.

 *        The driver is always responsible for the control and safe operation of the vehicle at all times. Collision mitigation systems are installed to assist the driver but do not replace the need for a skilled, alert professional driver reacting appropriately and timely to changing situations. Always use safe driving practices, with or without collision mitigation systems.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


*         Check oil daily.

*         If adding oil use Chevron Delo XLE 10w30 oil.

*         All trucks use Chevron Delo ELC nitrate free coolant.

*         PM Service may be performed at West Memphis AR or Murray KY.

*         Check tire pressure frequently.

*         110 psi in the steer tires.

*         100 psi in the drive & trailer tires.

*         Keep air intake for Espar heater clear of debris. Blocking this intake will cause the heater to shut down and potentially cause unnecessary service costs. This intake is located under the bunk.

*         We have 2 different types of APU's in our fleet. You will be given a handout when assigned a truck that explains the operation of the specific APU that is in the truck you are being assigned.

*         It is important to perform a good pre-trip inspection of the tractor and trailer. About 80% of all maintenance write-ups fall in the categories of brakes/lights/tires (chafing airlines, air leaks, worn/cracked brakes, worn/flat tires, lights out, etc.). If you find any defects call our breakdown department so we can get it addressed before you start your trip.

*         Wait to have routine maintenance and/or driver write-ups fixed until at our terminals if at all possible.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

2017 President & CEO Annoucement


To all PTL Employees,

After forty-four years serving as President and CEO of Paschall Truck Lines, Tony Waller has announced his retirement effective September 25, 2017. Although he will be leaving the day-to-day operations of the company, he will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Please join us in thanking Mr. Waller for all his years of service and leadership of the company in his capacity as CEO.

PTL is pleased to announce that David Gibbs of Decatur, IL (pictured below) will be assuming Mr. Waller's duties as President and CEO effective September 25th.  Dave has over 35 years of leadership experience at some of the largest and best run trucking companies in the industry. Please join us in welcoming Dave to the PTL family.

Below is a letter to all PTL Employees from Mr. Waller.

3443 Highway 641 South - P.O. Box 1080 - Murray - Kentucky 42071-0018

Telephone: 270-753-1717 

September 14, 2017

From:   Randall A. Waller, Sr., President & CEO

To:       Drivers, Staff and Management of Paschall Truck Lines, Inc.

Paschall Truck Lines was established in 1937; this year, 2017, is our 80th anniversary.  When I purchased the company from L.W. Paschall in 1973, I hoped to continue a successful business that would allow the employees to provide for their families and for me to provide for mine.  At that time I never dreamed that the company would grow from a handful of trucks and employees to over 1300 tractors, 3000 trailers and 1700 employees. 

I also never dreamed that I would one day be able to hand over the keys of ownership to the employees themselves. As you know, we were able to do that four years ago when I sold all of the company stock to the PTL Employee Stock Ownership Plan.  This transaction established the employees as the beneficial owners of Paschall Truck Lines and guaranteed a company presence in Murray, Kentucky for many years to come.  Although I have continued my duties as President and Chief Executive Officer in the intervening years, I believe that the time has come for me to retire from those duties.

While there is never a perfect time to step away, I believe that current and upcoming economic conditions will allow the company to continue to thrive.  I want to thank all of the employees, vendors, and customers who have helped make the company such a success over the last forty-four years and to ask for their continued service and patronage to the company in the future.

Last December, the PTL Board of Directors established a search committee to identify and hire the person who would become the next President and CEO of Paschall Truck Lines.  After an exhaustive search, the board has hired David (Dave) Gibbs currently of Decatur, Illinois.  David has over 35 years of management and operational experience at some of the best run trucking companies in the industry.  I am confident that he is the right person to lead the company into the coming years.

While I am retiring from my duties as President and CEO effective September 25, 2017, I will remain engaged with the company as Chairman of the Board of directors.  It is in that capacity that I ask everyone to give Dave your full support to help ensure the continued success of PTL.  Once again, thank you for your support over the last forty-four years, and may God bless the PTL Family with a bright and prosperous future.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Becoming a trainer with Paschall Truck Lines

Our Trainers have a tremendous impact on new drivers. Drivers have a tough job and inexperienced trainees have a lot to learn before they are ready to be on their own. You, as an experienced driver, know this is a complex lifestyle in which new drivers need help learning to adapt to. You know how to navigate the roads safely, manage time, and take care of items at home while on the road. This is not an easy lifestyle, nor is it glamorous. You can help a new driver the same way that your Trainer helped you to learn a tough new job and give back to PTL and the industry by training better, safer drivers. As Employee-Owners, we all have a stake in the Company. Becoming a trainer is a way to ensure our future success by passing your knowledge along to the next generation of drivers. 

  • You get paid your normal rate for all dispatched miles the truck moves.
  • After the trainee has driven 5,000 miles and passes their upgrade test you will receive $100..
  •  After the trainee has run 30,000 miles as a team with another trainee you get $400!
  • As an Employee-Owner you can ensure our future success by training our new drivers to drive a fine line, correctly and safely.

If you are interested in becoming a Trainer, contact your fleet manager to begin the qualification process
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Transflo Mobile +

TRANSFLO Mobile+ is an on-the-go solution that allows drivers to scan and submit paperwork electronically to carriers.
Compatible with iPhones and Androids
Easy for drivers and carriers to use
Free to download
Provides a confirmation number and email after each submission
Review documents online for 14 days at
To register you will need to enter our Recipient ID: PASC
* Be sure to enter a valid email address when registering. You will need to go to your email account and click on a link to activate service, after you register on your phone
Checklist for the Best Images:
Be sure to take a picture of the cover sheet first, that is what keeps everything together!
Place document on a flat, dark or contrasting non-glare surface.
Take picture in a bright, well lit environment.
If the document is on glossy paper, it may be better to turn flash off.
Hold phone approximately 14 inches away and be sure to fill the screen with the entire document.
Good picture focus is required. To get good focus, keep the phone steady then wait for the blue autofocus square to show then take the picture. You can also tap the screen to trigger the auto-focus.
If you are in-cab turn off your engine to eliminate vibration and keep hands steady.
User Guide is available on the app by clicking the question mark in the upper right hand corner, or by visiting:
Support line: 813.386.2327 • Support email:
you CAN now see your preplans and payroll previews!
Drivers, you can now see your preplans and Tuesday payroll previews on your Transflo Mobile+ app. This is handy when are on home time or away from your truck. When your preplans and payroll preview are sent you will receive them on your mobile phone as well as your Qualcomm. If you currently have the Transflo + app: From your home screen on Transflo Mobile+, click on profile/settings, choose recipients then PASC, click edit in top right corner then delete driver id, reenter it and click save. Contact Steve Ingersoll, Ext. 712, or Mason Lusk, Ext. 714, if you have questions.
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