Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Editing the Qualcomm

We use our QUALCOMM system to keep consistent records of our drivers in order to have as accurate as possible times for pick-up and deliveries. Unfortunately, we can make mistakes when clicking on the which line of service we were really on as drivers. What can you do if this has happened to you?

In order to edit your logs on your QUALCOMM you can go to the homepage of the QUALCOMM. Tap the white arrow to the right of the screen.  Choose the hours Of Service button, and from there you can choose the lesson you want to watch.  The lessons are interactive and you can watch them as many times as you wish. You do not need Wi-Fi in order to access these videos. 

If you have further questions, contact the log department!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Women In Trucking: It's an honor


In 2010, WIT and Navistar teamed up to develop an award as a way to honor female leaders in trucking, and to attract and advance women in the industry. It's an honor and a privilege to be named as one of the nominees for this award, and we're proud to say we have a few women at PTL we would like to recognize as being worthy. One of such women is Angela Wood, 164747.

Angela has been driving since 1984. She began her driving career at 17 years old while serving in the U.S. Army. Serving in the military for two years, she was stationed in Germany for 10 months. After her time in the military she held many other jobs before finding her way back to truck driving. She says that she has never been happier at any other job. Angela continued her career in trucking because of her love for travel and freedom. She feels like she gets to see the whole world when she is driving a truck.
To other women, truck driving can be intimidating. Angela however, thinks that any woman can drive a truck and that driving is not as difficult as most people think. Angela believes that some people think that truck driving is dangerous, but she knows that if you drive safe you will be safe. Angela would love to encourage more women to enter the trucking industry.
Angela grew up in a small town in Montana called Bull Run and loved growing up in the most beautiful part of the country. Meigs, Georgia is where she now calls home and enjoys the warmer weather. Although Angela loves her independence, she loves her driving partner, Schatzie. Schatzie is her beloved Chihuahua that keeps her company while she is over the road.
Angela loves driving for Paschall Truck Lines and says that PTL is the only company she will ever drive for. She has been driving for PTL since November 2011 and she has loved every day of her career. When asked about Angela, Fleet Manager Stacey Odom–Yarbrough comments that Angela has been one of the best drivers she has had in 12 years. Angela is dedicated to her job; she is very professional and has done a fantastic job as a female driver in what most people call a male industry. Since she has been at PTL she has been awarded four 100,000 mile safe driving awards. She has also won a fuel bonus for two quarters in 2012, three quarters in 2013, and averaged 6.63 miles per gallon in 2014. She enjoys doing her job and she enjoys driving for her company.
Not only does the trucking industry have a very male dominated culture, we haven’t always reached out to women to invite them to join us. Women In Trucking addresses obstacles to encourage women to enter careers in the trucking industry and works towards changing the image of truck driving. We would like to encourage all Paschall Truck Lines employees, drivers and office staff, to become a member of Women In Trucking!
How can you become more involved in Women In Trucking Association? Contact the PTL Murray Recruiting department for more information!
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Shout outs from El Paso and West Memphis!

Hola from El Paso, Texas!
We have had a great start to the new year here in El Paso. Like I mentioned in the last newsletter, we expect a better year this year and January was a good indication that it will be. It had to be one of the best January's we have had here in a long time. This is truly a great sign and a great way to start the year.
We started a new lane going to Mitchell IN. We will also have loads going to Shelbyville IN from the same shipper. We should getting 2-4 loads a week.
I would like to give a couple of shout outs to two drivers who gave the extra effort when it was needed. The first shout out goes to Raul Sandoval in truck 19696. After going through some personal issues, Raul's overall miles went down dramatically and he reached out to his fleet manager, Oscar Reyes for help. After working very closely with each other, Raul's miles went straight up to near a personal high. Great job guys! The second shout out goes to Frederick Shepherd in truck 16146. Fred picked up a load for us here in El Paso going to San Benito, TX and was able to deliver the next day on time. Fred had to use his driving time wisely so he would not be shut down and he pulled it off, great job Fred!
That will be all for now, until next time, hasta la vista!

Hello from West Memphis, Tennessee!
Spring is in the air and so is PTL. Everywhere you look around the city PTL is there. Take pride in what you do, keep the equipment clean and be courteous to all of our customers. YOU only get one chance to a make a good first impression.
One word will take care of most situations. Put it to good use!


Be positive in all that you do! Confidence doesn't come from having all the answers. It comes from being open to all the questions.
PTL continually prides itself in the service we provide our customers. We exceed in satisfying our customer needs when it comes to dependability in delivering or picking up a load and having accurate information on their load. The overall performance of everyone in dealing with customers is number one!
Thanks again for a job well done! Remember, morale is self esteem in action.
Until next time, drive safely and have a good month!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

These drivers are Violation FREE!!

Congratulations to these drivers who were inspected by the DOT and received a report indicating

Sergio Adamo (CA)
Ala Ali (IA)
Stephen Brown (CA)
Robert Buchwald (NC)
Anthony Conder (TX)
Anton Collins (OH)
Joshua Darbon (TX)
Earle Dubee (MO)
Paul Fafard (MO)
Jennifer Harraden (NM)
Larry Harvell (PA)
Jeremy Holder (NM)
Timothy Holland (MS)
Charles Jones (KY)
Jean Laguerre (NC)
Robert Laney (NM)
John Lutz (CA)
Dan Matthews (TN)
Amos Mincey (NC)
Richard Miles (TN)
Laurie Montgomery (OH)
Edward Morales (AR)
Stefan Shockley (CA)
Robert Simons (MD)
Regeil Staples (TN)
Ricky Tyson (MD)
Kenneth Wayland (TX)
Torrey Weeks (SC)
Joseph Wilkins (VA)
Darrell Williams (IL)
Oliver Williams (MD)

Any time you are inspected by the D.O.T. and receive a report indicating NO VIOLATIONS, you will receive a $30 bonus!! All you have to do is send the report to Driver Services, Attn: Gene Fielder. Use the postage paid envelope and drop it in the U.S. Mail.

Congratulations to these drivers and may we see more names on this list in the future! Keep up the great work and we're so glad you're a part of the PTL family.

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NaviGo Feedback

Any time NaviGo is even just a little bit off, please send us feedback from the customers’ truck entrance, this allows us to plot the point where the truck needs to be instead of the mailbox or the front of the building.
To send NaviGo feedback, go to the navigation main screen, press the feedback button, then the general feedback button. This will give you a screen where you can type a message. Remember, the more information that you put in your message, the more information we have to pass on to other drivers. We encourage you to include any general details for the customer that you feel other drivers should know. This can include:
Do they have overnight parking?
Do they have a scale on site?
Does the customer take open deliveries or do they only take firm appointments?
Any other information that will help your fellow driver.
Thank you to these drivers for sending NaviGo feedback:

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CSA Maintenance Score Card

Preventable CSA Maintenance Violations and Preventative Actions

Each month we study our CSA maintenance score to determine why we were cited for a violation.  We are looking for trends and repeated failures that we can prevent by changing maintenance practices.  At the same time, we evaluate each violation as to whether the driver could have found the defect prior to DOT finding it and prevented the violation with a thorough Pre-trip or Post-trip inspection. 
             During December we were cited for 52 violations of DOT vehicle safety requirements.  Our analysis of the available data shows that 46 (88%) of those violations should or could have been prevented by a pre-trip inspection.  Listed below are the violations that a proper pre-trip inspection would more than likely have prevented along with preventive actions.

Violation   Prevention Basics
Brake/air hoses chafing or kinking 3 tractors, 9 trailers Air lines cannot rub against any other part of the vehicle.  They cannot be kinked in any way.  This is easily seen by a visual inspection.
Windshield discolored or glazed 0 tractors Cannot have any defect larger than what a dime would cover.  They also may not be glazed or discolored in any manner.
Fire extinguisher discharged or unsecured 3 tractors A discharged fire extinguisher is a violation.  Fire extinguishers are secured in a metal mount with a latching metal band attaching the fire extinguisher to the mount.  If the band is not latched, it is a DOT violation.
Exhaust leak 0 tractors Should be heard during a vehicle walk around with the engine running
Oil or grease leak 1 tractor, 0 trailers Even a very basic pre-trip would have observed leaks prior to be found by DOT inspectors.
Lighting/reflective 10 tractors, 11 trailers the most common violation.  All lighting should be tested at least daily if not every time you take a break.  Either a light is observed to be working or not working.
Tandem pin 3 trailers It is basic safety procedure to ensure the tandem pins are proper seated through the slider rail holes prior to moving the trailer after sliding the tandems.
Tires 0 tractors, 6 trailers Visual inspection would have noted questionable tread depth, flat tires and exposed tread. 


Monday, March 2, 2015

NaviJoey's Corner - Winter Tips

Welcome back to NaviJoey’s Corner.  This month I would like to go over some points about driving in winter conditions.  I know that many of you have experience and this is just a refresher for you, but safe driving is one thing that can never be refreshed too much.  And for our drivers out there that this is your first winter behind the wheel, read closely.  There may be something in this article that you were not taught in school or that your trainer may not have covered simply because you went through training during the summer.

The very first thing that every driver needs to know about driving in winter conditions is that SAFETY TRUMPS ALL!!! As drivers, we have a responsibility to move our customers’ freight to where it needs to be.  That being said, if the roads are not safe to drive, DON’T.  It does our customers absolutely no good if their freight never makes it due to an accident.  Bottom line, making sure that every single one of our drivers makes it home safely is our very top priority. 

When driving in winter conditions, make sure that you are being as safe as possible.  Each morning when you wake up and every night before you shut down, you should do a thorough pre-trip or post-trip inspection to make sure that all of your equipment is in proper working condition.  Pay special attention to your tires and their air pressure.  There is a myth that under inflated tires gives you more traction in slippery conditions.  This is not true.  Tires should be inflated to manufacturer specifications.  And please be sure to check all of your tires, not just the tires on the outside.  Make sure that all of your lights are working properly.  If you see something that is wrong with your equipment, send in a macro 30 telling Road Maintenance the details of the problem.  Then follow up with them to make sure that you get it fixed.

When the weather is less than ideal, SLOW DOWN!  Just because the speed limit is 65 doesn’t mean that you have to go 65.  This holds double true during the winter months.  There are always going to be amateurs on the road who want to drive just as fast during the winter as they do in the summer.  Do not let these drivers affect you driving cautiously.  Let them speed right on by you.  Check your mirrors frequently so that you are aware of all the vehicles that are around you.  Increase your following distance as well during the winter months. Having more distance to stop could be the difference between you sliding into the vehicle in front of you or keeping a clean DAC report.  Try to keep your fuel tanks as full as possible and make sure that you have the necessary additives in your tank so that your fuel doesn’t gel.  The last thing we want is to have one of our drivers run out of fuel in sub-freezing temperatures.

When driving in these winter conditions, there is no secret formula to guaranteeing a safe trip.  It is paying attention to the small details that makes professional drivers safe on the road.  Just slow down in every action you take and ask yourself if this is the safest approach to what you are doing.  If there is something that you do not know, please ask us!  We are here to support you and what you do out on the road.  Until next time drivers, be safe out there.
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