Thursday, January 29, 2015

Farewell to Dave Bell

On Friday, Paschall Truck Lines will say goodbye to someone who has been a huge part of our organization for the last 29 years.  There aren’t words to describe what his knowledge and dedication have allowed our company to do, and how vital he has been to the growth of our company.  Below are your farewells, Mr. Bell.  We will miss you long before you miss us!

From  . . . :   HUDROS         01/28/15   10:12:13                      

 Dave, Hope you enjoy many years of a wonderful Retirement.  Be Blessed!

From . . .  : DOST                01/28/15   9:35:16                      

Now, I don’t tweet and I don’t blog, but I must say you lucky ole dog

We all are jealous, but wish you well. And may God watch over my friend, Dave Bell. 

PTL will never be the same and I really do wish you the best in your future endeavors.

From  . . . :   TAYL         01/28/15   10:40:27 

 Dave, congratulations on your retirement. Relax and enjoy. We will miss you. Hope you are leaving my reports in good hands. Whoever replaces you r position will need some big shoes.  And it’s MY turn to retire.

From  . . . :   HOLADA         01/28/15   10:24:01                      

Dave Bell never saw a three point opportunity he didn’t like

From  . . . :   YOKEND         01/28/15   10:51:10                       

Thanks Dave for becoming the first friend I made at PTL, for always sharing your positive thoughts on the morning when we walked in at the same time, and for telling me when my taillight/headlights were out. You have made my time at PTL better and I am sad I didn't get to share more time here with you. 

From  . . . :   OCHL         01/28/15   02:31:58                                           

Dave, you will always be my favorite HASSLE?

From  . . . :   THOB           01/28/15   09:21:48                       

 To Dave Bell, It's been a long, long hard ride for last 29 years, I do remember first day I met you, you sitting at the "routing" computer.....I am just glad you learned so much about computers from me.

From  . . . :   INGJ           01/28/15   09:55:04                        

 Dave, we started out working in the vending room and look where we are now! Lol All the best in your retirement.  Maybe I will see you at the gym.                                                                    

From  . . . :   DAVG           01/28/15   10:03:51                        

 Dave Bell blog - It's been a real pleasure working with you. You are a uniquely talented guy.  Thanks for your friendship!                     

From  . . . :   BURD           01/28/15   10:07:58                  

 I am going to miss you a bunch                                   

From  . . . :   HAJASO         01/28/15   10:14:04                  

 Dave was the one who always corrected the tricky stuff, caught the glitches, and always had his own humor about it. He will be missed.

From  . . . :   MCCLTE         01/28/15   10:15:55                       

 Best Wishes on your RETIREMENT!!!!  I'm sure Nancy's HONEY DO LIST will keep you busy for few weeks along with Racer Basketball Games :)      

From  . . . :   LINJEN         01/28/15   10:21:13                         

 I learned very quickly that I needed to memorize your extension.  I never had a question you couldn't answer.  You will be so very missed!  Thank you for always listening to my ideas and making them come to life :)  Relax and enjoy all those grandbabies!  You've earned it :)                        

From  . . . :   INGSTE         01/28/15   10:27:15                     

Dave-Thanks for all your help with fixing damaged trailer moves for pay and for passing your mileage edit programs to me. My Mondays and Tuesdays will be busy for years to come. ;) Enjoy retirement!!       

From  . . . :   ROSAND         01/28/15   11:02:56                          

 It has been a pleasure working with you the past five years.  Wish you the best times during your retirement enjoying your grandbabies and family.  I will try to make it to some church services to enjoy your music and your welcoming smile that you have every day! God Bless and Congratulations!                                                           

From  . . . :   SMOJ           01/28/15   12:17:53                         

About 25 years ago when Dave and I both turned 40 we argued over who was in the best shape so we had a contest to see who could do the most pushups. It was a big event with all of operations and customer service gathered around, all six of us...I felt sorry for him and let him win by 2 or 3...if I had it all to do over again, I'd still let him win.        

From  . . . :   YARSTA         01/28/15   14:26:55                      

Mr. Dave, it has such a great pleasure meeting you and working with you over the years, hope you enjoy your retirement!!     We will sure miss you!!                                                                 

From  . . . :   POYJOH         01/28/15   15:26:57                       

 Dave Bell it has been a pleasure working with. I will miss our weekly "water cooler" talks about Racer Basketball. Enjoy your retirement. God Speed.            

From  . . . :   BARNTO         01/28/15   16:43:41           

 Good Morning Mr. Bell, please share your cheese nips! Tony  

From  . . . :   PETG           01/28/15   16:52:48                     

You have always come to my rescue Dave -I will miss you!!                      

From  . . . :   GALK           01/28/15   16:58:50                        

 Dave - I'm really excited for you getting to retire and enjoying it while you can. Maybe now when you see me, you won't have to "hide" knowing it's gonna be something you are going to have to fix for me. LOL   It's been a pleasure working with you and I thank you for everything you have done!!  Best Wishes  :)                                                 

From  . . . :   POOC           01/29/15   07:20:16                      

 It has been a pleasure to have Dave Bell as a coworker since he started at PTL in 1986. I also consider him a good friend. He always is patient when I make a mistake and willing to take the time to answer my questions when I needed help.  I am happy for him and know he will enjoy retirement.  He will be greatly missed at PTL.         

From  . . . :   DAMIST           01/28/15   05:32:16                      

Dave Bell you are one of the most amazing and intelligent people I have ever been blessed to know.  I will miss conversing with you both personally and professionally.  I hope you find great joy in the freedom retirement brings.

From  . . . :   FRAL           01/29/15   08:38:09                

Dave: Appreciate all your wonderful help from operations point of view ***

  Helped a lot on pay issues and dropping in the right manner
 *** THANK YOU **** ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT !!!!   Larry/Ops                             

From  . . . :   WILC           01/29/15   10:03:26                        

To Dave: a great programmer, a great colleague, and a great friend.  We'll  miss you.                                                               

From  . . . :   HALSTE           01/29/15   03:20:46                        
Congratulations and I will always remember you dunking the basketball once. Oh, wait! Maybe you got the rebound once.                       

From  . . . :   STET           01/28/15   08:15:16               

Well what cannot be said about a consummate gentleman! Dave is the epitome of a superb Director of MIS! Dave has such a dry humor that you are always amazed on how he looks at things in work and life! Dave's love of his family and church is always present when you engage him in work items or personal experiences. I will always remember Dave reminding me about "what was your lent resolution?"
Dave enjoy retirement and your family!  Do not forget your Family at PTL as we will never forget you! Good luck and safe travels wherever you go! Your friend and business companion!
Dave Bell & Tom Stephens      






















Wednesday, January 21, 2015

December 2014 Safety Awards

December 2014 Safety Awards
Paschall Truck Lines would like to recognize the following drivers for their commitment to safety.
2,800,000 Miles Award
Juan De-Los Reyes
1,600,000 Miles Award
Samuel R. Echols
1,400,000 Miles Award
Kenneth E. Clark
1,200,000 Miles Award
David E. Thompson
1,100,000 Miles Award
Franklin S. Cox
Maria M. Turner
800,000 Miles Award
Gary L. Walters
600,000 Miles Award
Irvin L. Cady
James D. Shelley
500,000 Miles Award
Randy A. Dill
Roney C. Hayes
400,000 Miles Award
Michael D. Ayers
Stanley Clark
Angela L. Wood
Beverly L. Young
300,000 Miles Award
Paul A. Fafard
Clarence L. Hall
Tremayne M. Harris
Bill H. Sloan
Nicholas Vasquez, Jr.
200,000 Miles Award
Jerry A. Adee
Reynaldo Alaniz
Brian K. Baker
Clifton T. Boyd
Dennis R. Boyd
James E. Burse
Sophia M. Conrad
Melvin Dembo, Jr.
Lena M. Williams
100,000 Miles Award
Melvin R. Anderson II
Ronnie W. Atkins
Richard L. Beach
John K. Coan
Tyrone Deed, Jr.
Earle G. Dubee, Jr.
Sterling Eckels
Rose A. Ehnie
Terry E. Foy
Justin N. Gray
Litia S. Hand
Donald W. Humbert
Henderson A. Johnson
Kelby L. Jones
Michael S. Kesslar
Brian C. Loftin
Foday E. MacBailey, Jr.
Paul E. Maxwell
Tarraz D. Miller
Earl L. Moses
Mark C. Peek
Jimmy D. Reed
Trenton C. Ruffin
Joseph Scaturo
James W. Scotch
Jose D. Scruggs
Ronald D. Shearn, Jr.
Frederick M. Shepherd
Lacollis D. Stokes
Lance A. Thorson
Rickie A. Twiford, Jr.
David A. Ward
Gary W. Warren
Barry L. Welch
Timothy K. Wright

Monday, January 19, 2015

Driver Spotlight - Scott Schmucker

Driver Support would like to spotlight a driver who really deserves our recognition – Scott Schmucker in Unit 16535.  Scott has been with PTL since March 2013.  Scott is a hard-working Trainer who teaches the “Big 5.” He is quick to explain the importance of running nine hour days to keep from running out of recap hours.  We are grateful to have him working for PTL as a good example for others.  Call Driver Support if you would like to improve your miles.

Contact Nick, Doug, or Nathan 877-343-1615 to learn more about the “Big 5.”


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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stress Can Be A Mess

There are few jobs in the world that do not leave the employee feeling stressed.  Working for a trucking company, as a driver would be at the top of the list of stressful jobs.  To keep the day to day stress feelings at ease, we have some tips to keep in mind!

1. Give yourself plenty of time.  We all know that while out on the road you cannot always plan for the little inconveniences that happen, but  you can give yourself some wiggly room on time to make those unsuspecting happenstances seem like less of a big deal. 

2. Take a deep breath! We have all been an average motorist at one time or another, but it is hard for the professional drivers to have to deal with the unthinking motorists out on the road.  Although these feelings are very understandable, you cannot change the choices made by someone in another vehicle that has cut you off. Instead, take some deep, calming breaths and focus on how to get yourself and the freight carefully to the next stop.

3. Laugh a little. Laughing is one of the biggest stress demolishers out there and it is easy to do! If you need to laugh look up some YouTube videos while you are taking a break, check out the comics of a newspaper, or even call up one of your funnier friends to hear them crack a joke or two.  This should surely releases unwanted stress and leave you feeling happier!

4. Exercise as much as you can.  Exercise is not the most fun in the world, but the benefits are very apparent. Breaking even a little sweat, for 20 minutes a day can leave you feeling better in more than a physical way.  It can lift the stress right off your shoulders!  There are tons of simple exercises out there to try that you will never need a gym membership for. (Check out our Pinterest for ideas

5. Keep a picture of your loved ones nearby.  This can be a picture of your spouse, your family, your most favorite place you visited, or even a pet.  Keeping these things in eyesight will help you feel comfort when at your most stressed level.. It reminds you that there is more than the feelings that you are experiencing.

We hope these small tricks work for you and bring you peace of mind throughout your working days.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter Weather Tips

NaviJoey’s Corner

                Welcome back my friends to NaviJoey’s Corner!  It has gotten cold outside which means winter is coming.  This also means that the raods are going to be getting a little more dangerous.  For you old gear jammers, you know what types of dangers the change in climate brings on.  For you new drivers, it is not only the road conditions such as snow and ice, one of the largest dangers on the road is that the other drivers you share the road with don’t know how to drive in these conditions.  Always be on your game as a professional driver; do a thorough pre-trip, check your mirrors often, make sure you are alert, give yourself extra following distance and slow down!  Another tip for our drivers that I want every one of you to keep in mind is that you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your equipment, protecting your CDL and the safety of others and yourself.  If the roads are not safe for you to drive, DO NOT DRIVE!!!  You know your skill level better than anyone else in the world.  Do not get sucked into being macho and thinking you can drive through anything.  If you are unsure whether it is safe or not, you already have your answer.

                On a completely different topic, there seems to be some confusion as to how to use the different functions on the Navigo.  This holds particularly true with regards to if a driver is to use the “Dispatch” feature or the “Where to?”  Let’s clear that up right now, PLEASE USE THE “DISPATCH” FEATURE.  As a go to rule, we do not want our drivers to use the “Where To?” feature to find our fuel stops or our customers.  The “Where To?” function on the Navigo searches via the internet for where the mail box on a location will be.  With the “Dispatch” feature, we are able to control the exact spot as to where the Navigo will send the driver and if there is a problem with the Navigo we have the ability to correct the problem.  And drivers, please keep in mind that Navigo is simply a tool to help you in your careers as drivers.  There are times when tools can fail.  Hammers break, saws grow dull, Navigo is not going to be correct 100% of the time.  Make sure that you are being the professional driver and checking the Navigo against your atlases.  If something does not look right, get in touch with Driver Services.  We are presently in the process of editing a new Driver’s Reference Manual to help our drivers with the transition to the new version of Navigo.

                To all my brothers and sisters out on the road that have been sending feedbacks to correct the flaws in the Navigo system, thank you.  With your efforts we have vastly improved getting other drivers to the correct locations.  Part of being a true professional driver is correcting problems when you come across them.  Keep it up ladies and gentlemen.

                Don’t forget if you are ever in question about something in your route, Navigo, fuel, logs or any other question that Driver Services handles, we are a 24/7 department.  Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

                As always my friends, stay safe out there!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Interstate History

We know that one of our drivers would know more about the road than all of us in one department combined will ever dream of knowing.  We do wonder how much you may know about the area of the Quad Cities. Rock Island and Moline Illinois, and Davenport/Bettendorf Iowa has been known to confuse all motorists for their confusing interchanges of interstates.  The question in the article was, "Why does westbound I-80, which seems to continue straight ahead, suddenly become I-280 while I-80 turns north at the I-74/I-80/I-280 interchange and loop around the area to the north?"  I am not sure about you, but I got simply turned around trying to understand the question! No need to fear though, the DOT has your answer!

The routings were influenced by the priority of the construction of the three Mississippi River crossings in the area.  To maintain the continuity of travel, I-80 was routed along the first of the bridges.  This was planned for construction at Le Claire, IL.  The second crossing, at Rock River to the west of the area, was assigned to I-280 and then would route motorists onto I-80.  Finally, Bettendorf crossing, north of Moline, was assigned to I-74. 

Needless to say, one would hope that the QUALCOMM could keep up with the craziness that is the Quad City road system.  Be on high alert watching the road signs if you are ever in that area and the GPS is confused.        

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Recruiting Gives Bonus's

Recruiting wants to offer you a bonus for referring drivers to Paschall Truck Lines. If you refer an experienced driver you will receive $250 once the referred driver has paid for 2,500 miles.  Another $250 once the referred driver has paid for 30,000 miles.  And another $250 once the driver has been paid for 60,000 miles! 

To encourage new first seat drivers to sign on with us, share you will receive $1,000!  You will receive it in increments of $250 once referred driver has been paid for 2,500 miles.  Another $250 when the driver has been paid for 30,000 miles. And finally, $500 once they have driven 60,000 miles!

With this, everyone can earn a little extra while helping grow Paschall Truck Lines!

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