Thursday, November 20, 2014

Profiles of Success - Irvin Cady 15163

    Irvin Cady’s phone stays busy at PTL. He has been with PTL over four years and has a philosophy that makes him a helpful trainer. “I know what it would be like if I was out there and needed help,” Cady said. “I would want someone to help me, so that’s why I’m there, to help trainees or experienced drivers.” Cady said that he tries to keep up with everybody. There are people he has met over the road that need help here and there that call him, as well as people he didn’t train. “You can call me any time of the day or night and I will answer and help you get through what you need to get through.”
     Cady began training because he wanted to teach what he knew. He believes that you never stop learning as a driver. “I know what I had to go through in training and I figured I could do it and do alright
at it.” He has now trained over 20 trainees.  As a trainer, he focuses on safety issues the most. He believes that safety is the number one key to the whole thing and if you can’t be safe out there, you won’t make it. “When you come in, you come in with a good outlook on safety and you don’t want to hurt anybody in this industry. The first time you hurt
someone it will be on you the rest of your life.” He tells them to always make sure they know what is going on with their surroundings and always watch their mirrors.  He said that when students come out of a school, they don’t realize the actual truth of trucking. “It’s not
the real world in school. Each one of us is different.”
    He tries to work with his trainees on how to deal with each type of different person and how to stay calm. “Angry is not going to do it for you, it gets you nowhere.”  He stresses that having a good attitude makes a good driver. He explains that your attitude is what everyone looks at, no matter if it is the shipper or your boss—if you have a bad attitude, they give you one back. “You are representing the company, and customers won’t keep bad drivers. They will be upset with the company.”  Cady says that he just tries to teach trainees to be the best at what they do. He got into trucking because he couldn’t provide for his family the way he wanted to. He was tired of the steel and construction industry and the foul-mouth unhappy people. Now, he enjoys his job. He enjoys driving in the mountains, even though he says they slow him down, because of their beauty and how amazing they are. He also enjoys the solitude he can find in the truck. “It’s just you and God when you’re driving the truck by yourself in the middle of the night.”
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Safe Driving Awards

Congratulations to the following drivers for earning Safety Awards during the month of
October 2014:

2,600,000 Miles Award

Loyd E. Reynolds


2,300,000 Miles Award

Dolline H. Banks


1,900,000 Miles Award

Scott E. McDanel


600,000 Miles Award

Tony R. Huffman

Daniel A. Parks

Norman Patterson, Jr.

Norris L. Smith


500,000 Miles Award

Dennis M. Salisbury

Charles S. Widuch


400,000 Miles Award

Charles E. Farrington II

Autumn P. Patterson

Raymond E. Thomas


300,000 Miles Award

Cynthia L. Beasley

Kirk K. Jaster

Anthony G. King

James R. Reidling


200,000 Miles Award

Erik L. Burnett

Dana R. Morrison

Earl Morrow

Jess F. Reed

Matthew P. Sheldon


100,000 Miles Award

Charles R. Black

Travis L. Brewer

Nathan Brice-Coulter

David L. Carlson

Charles G. Cecil

James M. Chastain

Stephen M. Dalehite

Robert F. Dysarczyk

Cole M. Eichinger

John L. Elliot, Jr.

Brian C. Gleason

Timothy A. Holland

Alexander L. Johnson II

Anthony O. McConnico

Catherine E. Miner

Edward E. Morales

Michael F. Panno

Eric A. Robinson

Robert J. Shampine

Major B. Sheffield

Jackie A. Shockley

Justin R. Summers

Angela Thomas

Conred G. Tilson

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Friday, November 14, 2014


November is always a time where people genuinely sit down and acknowledge the things that they are thankful for. A few weeks ago, Paschall Truck Lines Facebook page posed the question, "What are you thankful for that a truck driver has brought you?"  This did not get nearly as many hits as we expected...The real question should have been, "What is it that you are thankful for that hasn't been brought by a truck driver?"  We do not say it nearly enough, our drivers KEEP AMERICA MOVING.  Without our drivers, you would not have the fixings for your Thanksgiving feast, you would not have the medications to get rid of your nasty cold in the midst of the seasons changing, you would not have the clothes on your back to keep warm throughout the cold nights that have plagued the nation, and these are only the beginning.  This November the number one thing Paschall Truck Lines is thankful for is our drivers and everything that they have to face on a daily basis to keep the rest of the world functioning.  So thank you drivers, we seriously appreciate everything that you do.
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trainers Keep PTL Going

When looking through our most recent FineLine Newsletter, we could not help but notice the two drivers that were interviewed for the "Profiles of Success" section were both Trainers for Paschall Truck Lines.  Outside of drivers in general, trainers are a core aspect that keeps PTL up and running. Also, they  help keep the roads safe for teaching up and coming professional drivers how to be better on the road.  We are definitely thankful for everything that they do as mentors for drivers within this company.  We want to see more of our drivers come forward and help incoming drivers to be all that they can be for our company.  Other than the pride of watching your trainee grow as a driver, there are numerous other perks to being a trainer for Paschall Truck Lines.

1. You get paid your normal rate for all the dispatched miles the truck moves.

2. You get a double bunk trunk, the newest and nicest in the fleet

3. You and your trainee can run as many miles as possible.  The trainee must drive a minimum of 2,000 miles per week

4. After the trainee has driven 6,000 miles and passes his upgrade test, you will receive a $100 bonus

5. After the trainee has run 30,000 miles as a team with another trainee, you will receive ANOTHER $100 bonus

6. As an Employee Owner you can ensure our future success by training our new drivers to drive a fine line, correctly and safely

If you are at all interested in considering becoming a trainer, contact Kevin Fox at 270-753-1717 ext.285
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fuel Bonus Program

Here recently, Paschall Truck Lines awarded the 3rd quarterly fuel bonus for the year.  Lots of calls have been coming in from drivers wondering what it takes to receive one, or what caused them to not get one after working towards it.  There are seven qualifiers that each driver has to comply with in order to receive it.

1. Out of route percentage must be less than 10%

2. Driver must have a minimum of 24,000 paid miles within the quarter

3. No accidents, incidents, or service failures

4. The driver must be employed at PTL at the time the bonus is paid out

5. All Vertical Alliance videos and retrains must be completed

6. All missing paperwork must be turned in

7. You must be keeping an average MPG of 6 or above

If you achieve all of these, you will receive the fuel bonus.  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Business Improvement Department. 
800- 626-3374 ext. 712 or ext. 714
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Questions to safety- Off Duty Time

Under normal circumstances, all time spent at the controls operating a commercial motor vehicle must be logged as driving time. But what happens if a driver is using his or her commercial motor vehicle as a personal vehicle to drive to or from a personal destination? The concept of “off-duty driving time” is not actually in the regulations; however, it is discussed in great detail in the interpretation to Part 395. Interpretations are the guidelines published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to provide a better understanding of the rules.
To be able to log personal conveyance time as off duty (Line 5 on ELOGS), there are several conditions that must be met. The guidelines are the same for Company Drivers and Owner Operators.
First, the driver must be relieved of all responsibilities and conduct no on-duty activities. No work for the company is allowed when using Line 5 (Off-Duty Driving). For example, the driver cannot take the truck to a shop for repairs and use Line 5.
Second, the trip and destination must be purely personal in nature. Moving to pick up your next load, going to a terminal or drop-lot or going to get fuel are all work related and cannot be done using Line 5 time. A driver can bobtail from the drop-lot to a restaurant to eat and back on Line 5, as long as he or she is not under a dispatch. 
Third, the vehicle must not be “laden”.  In other words, you cannot be pulling a trailer.
Fourth, you must not be “repositioning” the equipment. If your Fleet Manager lets you bob-tail home you can use Line 5.  But when you get ready to leave home if you are sent to get an empty trailer to use for your next load, then you cannot use Line 5. 
Fifth, if you have been placed out of service for an hours-of-service violation. You cannot move the vehicle until you are put back in service.
Finally,  Line 5 driving distance needs to be “reasonable”.  You are not allowed to travel several hundred miles on Line 5. But you can bob-tail to the closest truck stop to eat and do laundry. As a guideline we use 30 minutes, if you can bob-tail to a truck stop or restaurant in 30 minutes and then get back in 30 minutes, we consider that reasonable. 
If you have additional questions please contact the Driver Services Department and ask for the Log Staff. 
Mike Alexander
Director of Driver Services    
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Monday, November 10, 2014

PTL is Veteran Proud Every Day

Veteran's Day is upon us and at PTL we believe that Veteran's deserve recognition more than just one day out of the year!  We have great decals for our drivers who are Veterans to indicate your service.  We want you to feel as proud as we do to have had you serve for our country, and now serve for our company.  Paschall Truck Lines has these decals located in Murray and West Memphis terminals for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Veteran's.  Thank you for your service, and be safe!

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