Thursday, December 18, 2014

New 34 Hour Restart

The Hours of Service Rules pertaining to 34 hour restarts have changed and is effective by December 18th, 2014.  In the past, to take a 34 hour restart drivers were required to have two 1am and 5am times in their restart time. Now, you are just require to have one! This will provide so much more opportunities to get a load quickly once your restart is up.  Although, Driver Support still suggests that it is best to avoid 34 hour restarts outside of once a month. Keep this new information in mind from here forward, and to always BE SAFE!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

On The Road Again- Interstate Facts

Few people know more about interstates than a truck driver. Some have driven countless hours back and forth on the same highways that they feel they could do it with their eyes closed! But do you know what the first ever interstate was? 

Early August, 1947, Major General Philip B. Fleming was the Federal Work Administrator and approved the first 37,700 miles  of what we now know as our interstate system.  By 1956, the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 approved for construction to begin in Missouri.  The project was U.S. 40 which then became I-70 Mark Twain Expressway.  This is located in St. Charles County.  However, Kansas had also begun construction on U.S. 40 (I-70) west of Topeka before the Act of 1956 was approved.  Kansas began paving once awarded the legislation and because of this erected a sign stating, "This is the first project in the United States completed under the provisions of the new Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956."

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Friday, December 12, 2014

NaviJoey's Corner

NaviJoey’s Corner

 Drivers please check your Navigo dispatches upon receiving them. Navigo is a great routing tool and it far surpasses anything that drivers have had in the past. However, mistakes can happen. We can make mistakes in the office as to where we send drivers. The automated process of the PTL computers can make mistakes. And there are sometimes, very rarely, problems with the Qualcomm. When you get an updated dispatch, simply go into your Navigo and check what is there against your preplan, fuel stops and your map. If there is anything that doesn’t seem right or that you might have a question about, call Driver Services immediately and ask us instead of just taking off and following a route that is incorrect.

 I want all of you to know what we here at PTL are proud of our drivers as you are the ones who are the backbone of this company. If there is anything that we may help you with here at Driver Services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Until the next time drivers, be safe out there. 
Thank you to the following drivers who sent in Navigo Feedbacks:
Eva Andrews
Ronald Armstrong
Reid Black
Stephen Blackwell
Edward Brewer
Nathan Brice-Coulter
Erik Burnett
Stanley Clark
Paul Connell
Franklin Cox
Leon Coyner
Michael Deaton
James Dempsey
Earle Dubee
Nathan Goodman
Barry Graham
Mark Green
Harold Griffin
Bradley Hall
Connie Hamilton
Jeffrey Hawkins
Ronald Hays 
Michael Jones
Anthony King
Brenda Koch
Chris Lawton
James Lloyd
Foday Macbailey
Marcelino Macias
Dennis Martin
Paul Maxwell
Cory McInnish
Kim Mock
Adam Lolella
Timothy Mullins
Frank Nickles
William O’Conner
Autumn Patterson
Carrie Proper
Bill Sloan 
Angela Thomas
David Thompson
Bobby Thompson
John Toner
David Usher
Timothy VanFossen
Michael Vogel
Gary Walters
Wesley Warren
Angela Wood

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Congratulations to these drivers who were inspected by the DOT and received a report indicating


Jason Abel (TN)

Charles Barkley (IL)

Todd Baxley (TN)

Angela Beach (MD)

Jeffrey Bell (VA)

David Bowers (NY)

Rex Bradley (MS)

Larry Bullard (TN)

Elizabeth Burdette (MS)

Francis Carroll (MD)

Kenneth Clark (AL)

Rayshawn Cobb (PA)

John Coan (KY)

Melvin Dembo (PA)

William Dunn (OH)

Samuel Echols (TX)

Jeromy Fason (MS)

Taurus Ford (GA)

William Gregory (MD)

Isaac Greene (MS)

Christopher Griffith (KY)

Phillip Hardison (TX)

Reginald Harris (TN)

Tremayne Harris (MS)

Larry Harvell (OH)

Quintel Hatcher (TN)

Ricky Hall (MS)

Nadir Hussein (KS)

Tommie Jackson (MO)

Robert Jernigan (TN)

Henderson Johnson (TN)

Dereck Jones (KY)

Richard Jordan (TX)

Patrick Kennedy (VA)

Anthony King (MS)

Marlon Lindsay (TN)

Donald Matthews (NC)

Terry McBride (MD)

Donald McDonald (VA)

Thomas McGovern (MS)

Jastin Merkson (MS)

Christopher Morris (FL)

Anthony Moser (MI)

Anthony Nealy (TN)

Marvin Nixon (MS)

Marvin Nixon (KY)

Marvin Pittman (IL)

Raj Rai (PA)

Ronald Rhodes (TX)

Ray Robinson (NM)

Fernando Roman (GA)

Stephanie Rubin (MS)

Gary Sanders (NC)

James Scotch (OH)

Keith Scott (GA)

James Sherrard (LA)

Adam Standifer (TX)

Ralph Stahr (TN)

Shawn Stevens (KY)

James Tucker (TN)

Rickie Twiford (MD)

Christi Vinson (OH)

Nathaniel Waiters (TX)

Willow Whiting (MS)

Derell Williams (NC)

Earnest Wilson (NC)

Vera Wilson (OH)

Ronald Wilkes (TN)


REMEMBER:  Anytime you are inspected by the DOT and receive a report indicating NO VIOLATIONS, you will receive a $30 bonus!!  All you have to do is send the report to Driver Services, Attn: Gene Fielder.  Us the postage paid envelop and drop it in US Mail.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Regeil Staples, Grand Prize Winner

   Trainer Regeil Staples won a NFL package, including tickets to St. Louis Rams vs. Oakland Raiders in St Louis on 11-30. Included is a night at the Hyatt Regency by the Arch the night before the game and a $100 prepaid visa card. Kevin Fox said, "He is one of my best and most dependable trainers. He has trained 24 people, many are still here and a few have moved on to become trainers."
Below are pictures that he and his wife, Hillary, took during their trip.  Thanks again for all you do!



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Monday, December 8, 2014

PTL Promotes Small Business Owners

Did you know Paschall Truck Lines promotes small business owners? At PTL, if you start as a trainee and graduate to a first seat driver, you become eligible for a lease program in which you can eventually become an owner/operator and own your own business!
Here’s how it works:
1)      If you have less than 6 months over-the-road experience, you must first complete our training course. This consists of driving 5,000 miles with a trainer.
2)      Once training is complete, you must complete 40,000 miles as a team with another trainee.
3)      Next, you would need to complete 40,000 solo miles.
4)      Now you can apply for our lease program!
Provided that you pass the application process, you are then able to lease a truck with us and be on your way to having a small business of your own.
If you have 6 months or more experience, you are able to go immediately into a lease, provided you are approved.
Company drivers are also able to become small business owners through our “30,000 Miles to Freedom” program. This enables you to run as a company driver with us for 30,000 miles before being able to switch over to a lease opportunity.
At PTL, we make an ongoing commitment to helping our drivers succeed. Do you want to own your own business? We can help.
Visit us online at or call 888-953-9292 for more information.
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Profiles of Success- Nathaniel "Jerry" Waiters 16416

      Jerry Waiters is an educator at heart. He has trained over 150 people in his lifetime, over 30 of those with Paschall Truck Lines. He started driving a truck in 2002. After 9 months, he made the decision to leave the company. The Director of Training and Safety brought him into the office and asked him not to leave, and instead stay and train. He considered the Director his mentor, he was all about safety. "It's all about safety out here. I teach that the number one priority of a professional truck driver is to protect the motoring public, not hurry up and deliver freight."
      Jerry's mother and father are educator. He said that it's been his life. "Although I never wanted to be a teacher, I teach. We all have to have a purpose on the earth, everyone has to leave their mark. I hope I am sharing my wisdom."
      He has not always been in the transportation industry. He was a respiratory therapist for 25 years. He owned his own clinic and taught clinical respiratory care at the college level. The day eventually came when he was ready for a career change. "When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a bus driver or garbage truck driver." He said when he would look in the paper, he always saw that there were all kinds of jobs if you had your CDL.
      Jerry signed on with a company and got his CDL. "I didn't realize how much I limited my world until I got on a truck." It was there that he became a trainer. After three years of working there, the company asked him to stop training and come into the office to become a Safety Supervisor. "It's not about the money. I've done something all my life, I've done my best to help mankind in medicine and now am trying to extend that into transportation- hopefully I help teach people to be as safe as they can out there."
      Now that he's a trainer at PTL, Jerry takes his experiences in life and applies them to his training. "I have a different perspective of life because of my medical background and what I saw in the industry, working in the emergency rooms."
      Jerry said that it's all about the discipline and responsibility. He has over 500,000 Safe Driving Miles. "You must be disciplined or you will make a mistake. There is a major event (accident) out there for every single truck driver. Those guys will a million safe miles, someone taught them to recognize the problem before they get to it so they can avoid it."
      He learned to train in a 6-8 week program, now he squeezes that into two weeks. He has a plan with each trainee and what he is going to teach them in his short amount of time. "For every trainee that I take out, I try to be very positive. I try to put a positive spin on everything."
      Jerry talks to the trainees about how the grass isn't always greener. He talks to them about why they chose PTL and what they want to do after training. "They didn't give you the truck so you can vacation, they gave you the truck so you can work and deliver freight. I plan on retiring here, especially after we became employee-owned," Jerry said. "You'll have to drive me away from here."
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